Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yoga for kids and young adults! :)

Yay! for the happiness and rejuvenation that Spring brings!!! Speaking of all things renewing,Yoga is a terrific practice that has gained significant popularity among adults of all ages over the past few years.  In addition, Yoga can also be a great practice for the whole family to enjoy. There are lots of great yoga related resources for kids and young adults!  This ancient practice has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, is an overall great workout mentally and physically, and some recent studies are showing that yoga might even help combat health problems like eating disorders.  Check out this article, "Downward Dog Fights Eating Disorders"  for more info on this use of yoga that is being explored by many. 

Here are some super resources for young patrons and parents who are just beginning to explore yoga...
  • The yoga zoo adventure: animal poses and games for little kids by Helen Purperhart and Barbara Van Amelsfort. This is a great and super fun book all about yoga for little ones!  It's a great resource to guide parents through helping their child get started with yoga.  Included in this book is great background information all about the practice, as well as fun games that kids are sure to enjoy!  Engaging graphics and text will make this text a definite winner among all.  :)
  • The kids' yoga book of feelings by Mary Humphrey, photos by Michael Frost. This is a terrific resource to help kids deal with their feelings and emotions in a healthy way, through the prism of yoga.  This book guides young readers through the process of dealing with emotions, and responding to them with a yoga mindset.  Great photographs and a positive message make this a wonderful pick for young patrons and their family members, too.
  • Breathe: yoga for teens by Mary Kaye Chryssicas.   This is a fantastic pick for teens @ your library!  It provides tons of valuable information for young adults who are just starting to explore yoga.  This book explores beginning Hatha yoga poses and includes lots of useful how-to photographs.  Breathe: yoga for teens also explores the overarching theme of well-being, including the ways in which mental, physical and emotional health are all interconnected.  Awesome! 

I hope you enjoy checking out these resources, and encourage patrons of all ages to explore the wonderful practice of yoga!  Namaste :)