Thursday, April 29, 2010

Waiting out the Storm: a great story for a rainy day :)

Hey everyone!  I just discovered a recent publication (March 2010), the absolutely lovely picture book, Waiting Out the Storm written by JoAnn Early Macken, illustrated by Susan Gaber.  This would be a terrific story to read to a small child who has fear issues of any kind, whether they be from storms and wild weather in general, or they have a difficult time dealing with certain topics that to them, are very intimidating and/or scary in some way.  This can help a parent or guardian guide their child through dealing a number of fears or anxieties he/she might be experiencing. 
Aside from a very lovely message, this book is also comprised of meticulously crafted, soft illustrations.  This leads to widespread visual appeal, and also contributes to the calming nature of the text itself.  The purple-ish-lavender hues make for a great visual element, one that is sure to appeal to even the tiniest readers. The rhyming nature of the text might also benefit kids of all interests and ages tremendously. Rhyming makes reading and listening fun, and also sharpens these skills in an interactive way. In this way, the written text and the subtle yet stunning illustrations, make for a memorable read. No wonder Waiting Out the Storm recieved a Starred Review from Booklist! 

A truly beautiful book with widespread grab a copy and get ready to read on one of these rainy, Spring days :)