Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Embracing Change: Serving the Digital Generation

As librarians, we know that children have changed over the years.  Growing up constantly saturated with digital media and the ability to be constantly connected has altered how kids view themselves and their relationships with their peers.  In a great article title "'iGeneration' has no off switch," Sharon Jayson of USA Today explains how young kids are constantly connected via technology and how their behavior differs from that of the older generations.

Jayson interviews Larry Rosen, author of Me, Myspace and I: Parenting the Net Generation,  notes that the generation born in the 1990s onward cannot remember a time without technology and constant connectedness, and that this affects how they view the world and their interactions with peers. Rosen discusses this and other insights in his new book Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the way they learn, which is due out March 30.  I am eager to look at this book, as I know that it will help me to understand the younger generation when I am a school librarian, and how I can best meet their needs.  How will you change your library's services to meet the needs and expectations of a generation raised on technology?