Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Could this work in Pittsburgh?

Recently, Mayor Bloomburg of New York City signed into law the Library Card Act. This law requires that the Department of Education in the city gives information about signing up for public library cards and explaining the services the library has to offer to students when they enter kindergarten, sixth grade, ninth grade, and new school transfers.  Many in New York are excited about this new law, and one council member stated that "a library card can be the ticket to opening up a children's minds and sparking their imaginations." How very true!!

Do you think a law like this could work in Pittsburgh?  How many students do you think we would reach, and how many more parents would bring their children into the library?  Can't wait to read your comments on this interesting development!


Shannon said...

I'm jealous that NYC has this law and we don't! Why couldn't it work in Pgh? We have a wonderful county-wide system and telling children (and subsequently) families about the system should be required throughout schools. Even if you don't have a "neighborhood" library there is bound to be one in the next town over. ACLA, let's get on this! I'll help!

lisamaness said...

I think this is an amazing idea! I would totally support this.