Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Review: Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken

Currently, I am working on creating some awesome booklists for SRC 2010 with Rachel.  We have both come across some excellent books, and our list of "things to read when we are done with school" keeps growing and growing!  However, I came across one book that I just couldn't wait to read.  Louise: The Adventures of a Chicken had me at the title and lucky for me this picture book didn't take long to read but was supremely enjoyable!

In the beginning, we meet Louise, our hero, who longs for adventure outside of the farm.  So, naturally, she goes exploring, and what adventures she finds! She begins her journey on the high seas with sailors, and endures a harrowing run-in with dreadful pirates. She floats on a log back to the farm, only to join a traveling circus and amuse numerous crowds by walking on a tightrope and reading at the same time. Always, Louisa returns to the farm, and shares her experiences with the other chickens at the farm. 

This is a wonderful book to share for story time, as the illustrations are hilarious and closely follow the text.  Children of all ages would enjoy this book, and I know that Kelley recently did a review of it for her own blog, Books for Evan (if you aren't reading this blog you should!).  So grab the book, and have fun with some chickens!