Thursday, March 4, 2010

A few fun, great reads to add some cheer to your month of March...

I must say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow...several times throughout the Great Snows of Feburary 2010, more than one person told me that I'm a complete and utter lunatic. Perhaps this is correct.  But, now that the Winter Olympics are over, I'm just about ready for Spring. So here are few fun reads that might help brighten your spirit during these (somewhat) dreary days...

  • Cat Poems, by Dave Crawley~ This is a very sweet book.  That's all I can really say! While poking through the shelves at my local library this weekend, I discovered this quirky, fun, and  heart-warming collection of cat-based poems with which I immediately fell in love.  The rhyming nature of the text encourages language development in even the youngest audiences, and the funny pictures would capture the hearts and minds of readers of all interests and levels.  This would be a nice, cozy read that might help folks see past the winter blues toward the happiness of Spring!

  • Watch Me Throw the Ball! by Mo Willems~ The Elephant and Piggie books are hilarious. I'm a big fan, for sure, and this newer edition to the series is just as entertaining and downright funny.  One of the things I love most about these books is the simple, yet very descriptive text, that, when paired with the terrific illustrations, makes for a VERY fun read.  The core themes of finding happiness and friendship in each situation ring true throughout Elephant and Piggies's tale together.  Another GREAT GREAT book that would accompany this nicely (that I will love FOREVER) is the classic Frog and Toad.  Books about true friendship and finding peace in the world are always good choices for this time of season. :)

  • I'm a turkey! by Jim Arnosky~  This book is both informative, and to be quite honest, hilarious!  It's a great way to learn all about wild turkeys in a fun and sort of off-the-wall kind of way.  The bold colors used in the illustrations are both uplifting and bright, a sure winner with audiences of all ages.  Goodbye winter, hellloo turkeys :)

  • Finally, we come to a very sweet book that is filled with truly beautiful illustrations, When will it be Spring? by Catherine Walters.  The story tells the tale of a baby bear (Alfie) and his mother, as they journey through the long winter months of hibernation, yearning for Spring.  It's a very nice little book, and might be a great pick to remind all that Spring will indeed come again!