Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Embracing Change: Digital Devices in Pittsburgh Libraries!

Since there are so many new technologies coming out that libraries need to be aware of and could benefit from using, I have decided to begin a series of blog posts called "Embracing Change."  Any new technologies that I see as enhancing or altering library services will be discussed here.  First off?  Amazon's Kindle! :

Pittsburgh libraries are using some of the many new digital devices available on the market, as evidenced in the article "Libraries embrace digital future with eBooks, music, video" published on Sunday in the Tribune Review.  Shaler North Hills Library recently purchased some Amazon Kindles, and is now loaning the devices out to patrons!

Currently, the program is being tested with older patrons.  However, this is an excellent start and sure to show the younger generations that libraries are willing to use new technologies and that these technologies will soon be available to more patrons. My recent post on using flip cams in the library highlighted how these devices can be used to encourage teen participation and outreach in the library; how can we use the Kindle for youth services?  Should they be reserved for older crowds, or should younger patrons have access to them as well? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and stay tuned for the next installment of "Embracing Change!"