Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cooking with Teens!

Helllooo everyone!  I'd like to take some time to talk about cooking with teens--a topic that can be super fun, but can also raise some issues when working with teens who are very sensitive about the topic.  We all know the teen years can be a really tough time (not to mention a busy busy stressful time), and one of the things that is a huge problem among teen girls and boys alike is body image and the affects that this constant pressure has on eating habits.  Also, finding the time and resources to create healthy meals can be oh-so challenging for sure.  So without further ado, I'd like to talk about a couple of cool resources for cooking with teens that go above and beyond recipes and tips for culinary spectacular-ness.  So strap on your chef hats we go!!!

First up, the fantastic and award-winning (I could barely pry myself away from this book at the bookstore--no joke)  food/health/wellness cookbook Girlosophy: Real Girls Eat, which is part of the Girlosophy series of helpful guides geared toward young women in today's society.  In this book, author Anthea Paul peels away societal expectations about food, dieting, and body image that girls and young women (in particular) are pummeled with daily, to reveal a healthy plan for eating that is geared toward overall wellness.  What is so spectacular about this text is that it really takes a different approach than your average cookbook, weaving topics like health and happiness, plus some really interesting facts, throughout the text. So, you get healthy, tasty recipes and lots of terrific, no nonsense information.  Can't beat that :)  To read more about the book, the Girlosophy series, and Anthea Paul, check out the website.

Next, the best-selling, beautifully written Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life.  This book chronicles the experiences of Kingsolver and her family as they spent a full year growing and preparing their own food on a farm in Virginia.  What they did not raise/make/grow themselves, they bought from local farmers. This would be a great selection for older teens who are gaining an interest in healthy eating and cooking, who might also appreicate an ecological overtone as well.  A truly great book for many audiences.  Read more about this book here.

Finally, we come to Real Food, Real Fast by British teen cooking extraordinaire Sam Stern, a cookbook that features great recipes that are both healthy and don't take much preparation time--a perfect and *very* necessary combination for teens.  This would be a great pick for a wide age range of teens with varying interests.  A definite top choice for cooking with teens!



Girdle Girl said...

Although there are tons os cookbooks aimed at young kids there seems to be few aimed at teenages so its nice to see some here.I think its important for them to start to learn to cook properly at their ages but sometimes a regular cookbook can be a bit overwhelming - they need something which is pitched at their level.