Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cooking with Kids

To get ready for our SRC Training where we will have a demonstration from Whole Foods on "Cooking with Kids" I wanted to list some great kids cook books that are available right now!

  • Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook 
    • My mom bought me a copy of this book back when it came out in 1997, and the sticky pages are a testament to our frequent use of it.  It opens with some basics on cooking and how to be safe while doing it, and then follows with sections separated into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, and Desert. 
    • My brothers and I LOVED making the recipes in this book.  It includes fun "kid" foods made in innovative ways, such as spicy chicken fingers and marinated hamburger patties.  My mom still uses the recipe from this book for lasagna!
    • I highly recommend this book for your younger patrons, ages 9-12, who love to cook and want some great new recipes to try out!
    • Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook: Recipes inspired by Dr. Seuss!

    And, here are some websites with some lists of the best cookbooks as well as how to incorporate cooking activities into your programs:
    To prepare for tomorrow, check out Whole Foods Cooking with Kids recipes on their website!  Aren't you excited? I know I am! Bring on the food!!


      Jessica Hoptay said...

      Though I'm no longer in the county, I wanted to say that Brentwood Library has done a cooking for kids program for a while now, with much success! Most recently, Dolores did a St. Patrick's Day themed cooking class. Kids really love it, as it's normally something they're not a huge part of, or allowed to do all of. I'm going to volunteer her, but Dolores would be a great resource for this (as she's run it successfully!). You can always email me, too, if you have questions