Monday, March 8, 2010

Changes to SRC 2010

As you already know, every year we try and tweak the ways ACLA manages and supports the county-wide Summer Reading Club to make it more streamlined and more appealing.  And this year is no different.  We've changed the financial support libraries receive, as you know, to an approach that allows each individual library to decide what specific needs your library has.  Additionally, we've made some other changes:
  1. We finally did it!  We are getting canvas bags for SRC participants this year thanks to a generous grant from American Eagle Outfitters!  Every library will get an allotted amount determined from last year's totals with a percentage increase.  ACLA will have extras so, if along the way you find yourself needing more (that's a good problem!) just email and I'll send some your way.  While we will not be buying 30,000 canvas bags every year, we're hoping this approach is sustainable by asking participants to either bring back this year's bag (which isn't connected to the SRC theme) or another bag to get a little extra something.  That'll be the challenge for the SRC 2011 Planning Team (speaking of which, anyone interested in volunteering?)  
  2. Due to a LOT of confusion in past years about stats and who gets what sent wehre, you'll need to submit your stats directly to me this year and I will report everyone's information to the state
  3. Moe's Southwest Grill has supported ACLA's SRC for 2 years now.  This year, they're providing coupons for you to use however you'd like and they've made an additional offer this year - any library who increases their registration by 15% will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Moe's Nacho Party!  Details on how to enter that drawing will be coming soon. 
  4. The Mall at Robinson has also offered again the $500 Shopping Spree for the mall however, we're looking at trying to streamline registration for that shopping spree.  Details to come!
  5. We are holding a fundraiser (you've gotten emails and have read other blog posts about this) at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in South Side Works on May 29th from 10-4.  We'll be sharing a coupon soon for customers to bring with them that day and ACLA SRC will get 20% of each customer's purchase.  Woohoo!  We're looking for volunteers, ideas, and fun food-making machines.  Email the interns (Rachel and Lindsey) with your thoughts.
If you have any questions or concerns, as always, please let me know! 


    Carnegie Library of Homestead said...

    great changes! thanks for all your hard work in getting us FREE stuff for our patrons!