Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Techonology at Your Library: Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy

I've been noticing more and more FREE and EASY technology tools that scream out to be used at libraries these days and I've seen some of our libraries embracing them!
  • Shannon McNeill from Scott Township Library created a screencast with Jing on how to use the new Aquabrowser. 
  • Though I can't link to it because it's private, Bethel Park Library's children's department has a really successful internal blog for staff.  Great idea! 
  • AC Free Children's Department has created a blog!  So many of you have blogs for your libraries and departments now - way cool!  Brentwood Library's Children's page IS a blog!  Homestead has one
  • Moon Public Library uses the eVanced summer reader software for a WINTER reading program.  Though it's for adults, you could easily use it for kids!
  • Darien Library in CT (I'm their biggest fan!) has a department account at Shelfari where they track what they're reading, make recommendations, comment on others' books and join groups!  Whitehall has a Shelfari widget on their children's page to show what they're reading currently. 
  • Dormont Public Library links directly to the catalog listing of all their new books for kids!
  • Green Tree Library is using Twitter for updates, news, questions, event listings and fun facts!  Northland uses Twitter and writes posts from the POV of its resident camel, Rama.  And Mt. Lebanon's on Twitter too!
  • Northern Tier is using Meebo for online chat reference.  
  • South Park Library has an online suggestion box.  Woohoo!  Even better, allow those who suggest things to see what others are suggesting (you could do this with a blog!)
  • Mt. Lebanon posts webcasts of their events.  That rocks!
  • Sewickley Library has an RSS button on their website so people can subscribe to various elements of the site and get news fed directly to their newsreader!
There are some great tools out there that are allowing people to participate in so many ways - so great to see so many libraries using them!


Christine Ayar said...

Hi! This is Christine Ayar, over at Evanced Solutions! Glad you like our product! Many libraries use our products for winter reading as you mentioned, but also for teen tech week, teen read week, and other short events. We've also seen libraries use the book review function to have people review library events. You can see other similar ideas at our blog:

Kathy said...

I'm so glad to learn about all the ways that libraries are using technology. Just want to let you know that the Children's Dept at Carnegie Library of Pgh, Oakland, has a blog, too! Check it out at

Kathy Maron-Wood

Kelley B said...

Hey Kathy

Yes, I've actually highlighted Storypockets before on the blog - it's way cool!