Friday, February 19, 2010

SRC 2010 Updates

A few updates/tidbits of information for you:
  • all the guidelines and information about this year's grocery cart money is available on the wiki.  There is also a 2010 SRC information page underway.  Check it out as we continue to add more content! 
  • if you haven't heard, we're offering some unique eVanced trainings this spring; there is limited space so register early!
  • if you're ordering from Upstart, keep the deadline of 3/1 in mind so you get your stuff in time (they also actually run out of items!)
  • the eVanced software we're using this year has been updated to V.8 and will be completly ready for configuration and play by 2/22.
  • if this is your first year using eVanced (everybody's doing it!) please go here to the registration page the state has created.
  • also available to you are templates eVanced created with this year's thematic graphics