Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mini-Conversations: Early Bird SRC Planning

Last week, we had the first of 4 mini-conversations planned for 2010.  These mini-conversations are a new idea where we host some smaller, more intimate conversations about pertinent topics that everyone's dealing with.  This one was a kind of brainstorming session on ideas for SRC 2010: Make a Splash @ Your Library!  Our next mini-conversation is scheduled for Thursday, April 22nd at Shaler Library and it's all about programming for school-age kids with Ing Kalchthaler as our fearless leader.  More information on that one and the others on the ACLA calendar

We had about 10 people (Jane Morgan, Kristin Burniston, Sherry Small, Gina Leone, Adaena Tray, Carolyn Rosenquest, the 2 ACLA interns and me.  And we had a really great 2-hour conversation on all things summer reading.  Great programming ideas were shared like:
  • water olympics
  • dunk the librarian!
  • rainstick making
  • candy sushi
  • fear factor: seafood edition
  • and splatter art
We also talked about different ways to make your program grow and how to make it easier and more accessible with ideas like:
  • using a raindrop-shaped ticket for an auction
  • put a secret clue each week on your eVanced site
  • create competitions between schools, grades or families
 It was a huge success and I'm thinking next year, we'll do an early bird SRC planning conversation in each region!  Any other suggestions for topics? 


Amanda Jacobs said...

We (at Marin County Free Library) post weekly "Book of the Week" clues. Teens are encouraged to use the catalog to help determine the answer. It's been very successful and is easy to run on Evanced.