Thursday, February 11, 2010

a little bit about Libba Bray...

I recently discovered YA author Libba Bray.  I love love love the Gemma Doyle series so far--it's incredible.  The first novel in this trilogy, A Great and Terrible Beauty, is beautifully written.  The mysterious and romantic Victorian England backdrop, coupled with a swiftly moving story and riveting plot, all make for a highly enjoyable read that is sure to catch the attention of teen readers.  The Gemma Doyle series has been a huge hit among the YA population--fan sites and praise for Bray's skillfully crafted work both speak volumes for this.   

In addition to her success with the Gemma Doyle trilogy, Libba Bray has received critical acclaim for her other YA work, especially the quirky novel with dark comedic overtones, Going Bovine. Bray recently won the 2010 Michael L. Printz Award for this novel.  This very exciting news was announced during ALA's midwinter conference in Boston.  Can't wait to read this one, too!

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm during this streak of crazy Pittsburgh winter weather!




Elisabeth Marie said...

I just recently did a review on A Great and Terrible Beauty.

I do enjoy the books so far (I'm midway through Rebel Angels), but I must say so far they're VERY predictable.