Monday, February 15, 2010

Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Our local Joseph-Beth Booksellers has a few items you might be interested in for summer reading and other initiatives.
  • ACLA Youth Services is hosting a book fair and we'll be at the store all day on May 29th and anyone shopping there that day can pick up a coupon and 20% of all purchases made with that coupon will go to Summer Reading 2010!  More info and request for volunteers coming soon!
  • JB associates can also get you books at a great discount if you need them quickly with a house-account. 
  • JB hosts author events that can be co-hosted by libraries
  • Gift Card Drives: you can sell gift cards at face value to friends and patrons while retaining 25% of the proceeds!
  • Also, our South Side Works JB is MOVING!  Just down the street however, to the former Z Gallerie space.  But, they need some help.  You can work for store credit!  Great way to build the library collection (@$8.50/hour) or buy books for yourself and family (@$7.50/hour)  Here's more info on that:  

We have more interested people than open spots so once you RSVP (just email Chris Rickert) and she will send you a confirmation and a more detailed email on what you’ll need to know.  Inventory training and prep starts at 6pm on Monday the 22nd.   We expect to be done with our process around midnight.  We will be compensating helpers with store credit.  If you are part of a group that is working with me for a specific compensation agreement see your contact person for details.  If you are volunteering on your own we will issue you gift cards based on the number of hours you work with us.  Store credits will be issued on the 27th when we re-open and have working registers again.