Thursday, February 25, 2010

a good pick for older teens: The Host

YA author Stephenie Meyer is, as we all know, well-known for the explosive Twilight Saga.  The Twilight Saga: New Moon the movie will be available on DVD in March, the graphic novel version of Twilight will be out as well, and the film adapataion of Eclipse (third novel in the series) will be in theaters late June. Whoaaa vampires are everywhere! 

For older teens who enjoy Meyer's writing but are looking for something totally different from the world of Twilight, check out The HostThis is Meyer's debut science fiction novel for adults that would also probably be a great pick for older teens who are interested in science fiction, but maybe not 100% sold on the genre.  Host takes an interesting spin on sci-fi--it's definitely science-fiction-ish, but the plot is interwoven with an unusual love story and subsequent thought-provoking twists centering around big topics like...
  •  humanity
  •  the essence of family
  •  friendship
  •  seeing (and being grateful for) the inherent beauty of our world
  •  being present in each moment of our lives
Host delves into a completely different world from that of Twilight.  Different issues are discussed, and the consequences of raw human emotion would likely appeal to older teens dealing with similar issues.  The film adaptation of The Host is underway, and I have heard from several sources that Meyer has plans for this to eventually become a trilogy.