Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Teens Involved @your Library!

As you probably know by now, Rachel and I LOVE making videos with the FlipCam!  It is easy to use, and lets us share our thoughts and experiences in a whole new medium. As FlipCams are relatively inexpensive, most libraries can afford them or apply for a grant to purchase one. If you are looking into writing a grant, make sure that you check out the Grants page on the Youth Services Wiki for some great assistance.

One of the things you can do with the FlipCam is to get your teens more involved in library programs and advocacy. Sometimes we might have difficulties engaging this specific population, but, as we can see through Facebook and Youtube, teens love to make videos and share them with their friends.  So why not try to tap into that love in your library? The librarians at the North Natomas Library, in Sacramento, CA did just that, and check out this awesome video their teens made about the renovation of their library!

So grab a FlipCam and some teens, and have them make videos of your library programs for kids and adults and put them on YouTube to advertise your library.  Who knows what might happen, your library could be the next Susan Boyle!