Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Staying Positive in the Long Cold Winter

Now that all the hoopla of Christmas is over and the excitement has died down, it is time to focus on staying positive through the long and cold winter months until the beauty of a fresh new spring greets us here in Pittsburgh.  One obstacle against this facing us now in libraries across the country is, of course, budget cuts and closings. Some experts say that our economy is getting better (the dollar is strengthening again!), but it might still be some time before we see this improvement in library budgets.

Kristin McKenzie recently wrote an excellent guide to keeping up moral on the blog of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA).  In "Dollars and Sense #20: Keeping up Moral in the Workplace," McKenzie lists five great tips that can be used to encourage library staff.  One of my favorite tips is #3, which is to work as a team. Many of my classes in the Master's program at Pitt advocate collaboration among students, as they want this collaboration to carry over into our careers.  I enjoy working with others, learning new techniques and sharing problems and coming up with solutions together.  By working together to promote our library and run programs, we can lighten the burden of winter as we anxiously await the sun to peak through the clouds and the first blossoms of spring to appear.