Monday, December 28, 2009

Starting a Mother Daugther Book Club

Book clubs involving children aren't the easiest programs to host at the library, but if you can find a small, dedicated group, a mother-daughter book club can be one of the most rewarding.  I recently discovered a book which offers some great pointers on getting one started:  Book by Book: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother-Daugther Book Clubs by Cindy Hudson (wahoo for South Park for being the only library who owns it!) 

The accompanying website and blog are packed with helpful tips, reading lists and stories of successful mother-daughter book clubs around the country.  Anyone out there host a mother-daughter book club?  


Cindy Hudson said...

Thanks for recommending my book as a resource for getting a mother-daughter book club started. And hooray for the South Park library. Libraries are crucial for mother-daughter book clubs both as a source of books and for recommendations of what to read from the childrens' librarians.

I believe there are so many benefits to mother-daughter book clubs. One of the biggest I think is they get moms and daughters talking about all kinds of issues, some that may be difficult to bring up unless its by discussing what characters in a book did. Book clubs also help you connect with others in your community, and they encourage everyone to read for fun.

Good luck on finding members for a new club. And feel free to email me questions if you have any while getting started. I can be reached at