Friday, December 18, 2009

A Plug for Inviting Parents Into Storytime

I know back when I was doing some storytimes at Sewickley Public Library, I kind of wanted the kids all to myself.  So we could really get silly.  Parents sometimes seemed distracted, not into it, and kids behaved differently when parents were around.  However, the more parent-attended storytimes I've observed, I'd do it differently if I was back in the library.  I think the librarian has the role of really setting the tone, and that tone, when it's inclusive and lively can combat some of those parent-behaviors we all grimace at.   Now, you have 10-15 role models all in the room showing kids how to love reading, get up and dance and let the sillies out.

This post was inspired by an article I read waaaaay back in May in American Libraries, Family Storytime by Rob Reid.  Sadly, it's nowhere online.  It was short and sweet and to the point - families make storytime better.  Reid highlights some great crowd-pleasing authors like Mo Willems, Doreen Cronin, Margie Palatini, Adam Rex and everyone's favorite, Jon Scieszka

One of his newest books (we're just this month adding it to the ACLA Professional Collection if you'd like to check it out:) Shake and Shout

Maybe we should get him to come to Allegheny County!