Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Library Visit : Green Tree Library Story Time!!

 Recently, Rachel and I had the opportunity to observe a children's program run by Assistant Librarian Brian Romine at the Green Tree Library, and we had a blast!!  Every Tuesday morning, Brian has "Toddler Story time." This is a popular program for the library, and Brian had 13 excited kids and 12 eager adults ready to read, sing, and have a great time. The story time took place in the Sycamore room, right above the library, which is located in the Green Tree Municipal building.  Brian made sure that he had a fun rug for the kids to sit on in the room. :-)

Brian has a few essentials that he uses at most story times. One of these is colored eggs filled with rice that the kids love to shake.  "If the eggs aren't there, the kids notice!" says Brian.  The eggs come out first, and the kids use them to participate in various songs and nursery rhymes. The eggs are an excellent way to get the children engaged in the story time, and the kids love to move around and hear the noise the eggs make.

After a few songs, Brian tells a story to the kids.  The day we were there it was a Thanksgiving story, and the children loved hearing about the turkey who tried not to be dinner!

Witnessing Brian's program gave me some excellent ideas for my own future library programs, and I hope you enjoyed hearing about programs in another library.  If we all share information and techniques, think of how many children we can reach! To see more photos from the story time, check out ACLA's page on Flickr!!


Page Ritchey said...

Way to go Brian. So fun to see what you're up to - and it all looks great!!