Thursday, December 3, 2009

Library visit: CLP Squirrel Hill Story Time!

Hello all!  So recently, Lindsey and I had the lovely opportunity to visit the Squirrel Hill branch of CLP to observe a storytime program.  So much fun!  What a terrific, interactive program the librarians offer, perfect for even the youngest patrons.

Here's a brief overview of the program:

  • Storytime opened with a fun song that included plenty of physical movement.  All the parents/caregivers and many kids knew the song, so this signaled great consistency and familiarity, which is always nice to see in children's programs.  Maintaining some sort of routine is really critical.  People were very clearly comfortable.
  • Librarians Erin and Kristen then explained to the adults in the audience some key concepts and skills that would be of focus during their time together. This week's topic was learning the process of story through developing narrative skills such as rhyming. The theme of this storytime was food. yay! 
  • From there, storytime commenced with enthusiasm and laughs!  Plenty of singing and dancing to be had, including singing the rhyming book  together Up, Down and Around by local author Katherine Ayers and working through a fun and interactive clothes-line-style story together.  

This was a very lively storytime, one that worked to hone early learner skill sets such as: vocalization, kinesthetic awarness (being in-tune with one's environment) and rhyming to create a complete story.  What an excellent time we had during our visit to CLP Squirrel Hill!  A perfect example of programming that offers something for each and every type of learner.