Friday, November 27, 2009

Kids Book Club and Ink Think Tank

If you've ever heard of Marc Aronson, you know his biggest passion is non-fiction and getting it into the hands of kids (of all ages!)  He authors the SLJ blog Nonfiction Matters.  Reading him changed my whole perspective on nonfiction as a librarian and on my own nightstand.  So I'm interested in programming and readers' advisory around nonfiction and in my pursuit of nonfiction goodies, I discovered a pretty rockin' website all about nonfiction books for kids: InkThinkTank.  While the site itself is full of good stuff like a lovely database of booksrecommended authors and support materials its sister blog is even cooler. 

And then there's Kids' Book Club which will give you what you need to spice up your kids' book club at your library.  There is a newsletter, author and publisher information and recommendations for sure-fire good reads.  I remember Erin Pierce (librarian from CLP) telling me when I first became a teen librarian, not to even attempt a book club until I had some trust and some grounding.  I think it's a bit different with kids, but it's not easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy these days to start a club.  But if you're up for the challenge, find help here.