Monday, November 30, 2009

Guys Read (or at least deep deep down they want to!)

Have you checked out the newly re-designed Guys Read website?  This is Jon Sciesczka's brainstorm and it rocks.

We all know getting boys and older guys and even older men to read can be tricky.  A few years ago, Michael Sullivan (boys reading guru who's got passion that'll knock your socks off!) did a multi-district workshop on this very topic and I'll never forget what he said about the most important factor in getting boys/guys/men to read is seeing other boys/guys/men reading (or even seeing them with a PB in their back pocket!)  That's hard when you're a gal-librarian.  But there are plenty of other ways to get boys interested in reading.  The second best one, is getting books they'd love to read in their hands.  To find out what some of those are, check out Boys Rock Reading.  The site has tons of recommendations and tips and also check out another great blog created by parents on getting boys to read.