Monday, November 9, 2009

Blogs Are Where It's At (for some)

For several years - actually, ever since I became the youth services coordinator for ACLA - I've been reading and thoroughly enjoying blogs of all kind.  Some for my own personal enjoyment like Cute Overload, some for those non-work passions I have like design and cooking.

But many of my feeds are literacy and children's literature blogs.  And today I see that the new cover of School Library Journal is highlighting some of the blogs I love and have been recommending ya'll check out too!  Many of them I have linked to here on the blog over to your right.  It seems the world of children's literature bloggers is getting pretty important.  Actually, waaaay back in 2005, SLJ was talking about children's literature bloggers which were just coming on the scene.  The annual Cybils were just this past month.  The Cybils are books awards given by children's and young adult literature bloggers.  They're getting some pretty major attention and I think it's interesting to see what books that group is paying attention to.  Anyone can nominate titles - though this year's nominations have ended.  There's even an annual Kidlit Conference every October for anyone who blogs, writes or even thinks about children's literature. 

I say a group of us goes next year!    It was in DC this year, so hopefully KidLit '10 will be somewhere drivable!  Road Trip!