Friday, October 30, 2009

Won't You Be My Neighbor Days are No More

Family Communications Inc. (the group that owns the Mister Rogers stuff and has organized and run the Won't You Be My Neighbor Days the past two years) has handed over the initiative to the United Way for 2010 and has shifted pretty dramatically away from children to adults.

Suffice to say, WYBMND as we know it, is over. 

The United Way is focusing on creating an area-wide community service day for adults.  I'll be sharing this information with directors who can then decide if your library would like to be involved.  

Sad that it's over, but we had some very successful programs the last two years!  I admit, I won't miss packing my car full of 1500 white bags however. 


Kathy said...

Oh No! I wasn't able to make any of the meetings this year, but I thought we had such good momentum going . . .

I'm glad that even though it's being altered, it will continue. We definitely need to keep the spirit of Mister Rogers alive and well in our society!