Thursday, October 1, 2009

Poetry, Rhyming, Connecting Kids with Nature

So I have been reading books for future books reviews with the Flip cam (fun!!!) and a couple in particular have stuck with me:  A Foot in the Mouth: Poems to Speak, Sing, and Shout  and How to Heal a Broken Wing.  Both books are wonderful reads, inspirational in unique ways.  A Foot in the Mouth utilizes rhyming in fun ways to encourage kids to read aloud and really connnect with and appreciate the musical quality of poetry.  It takes reading to a whole different level, one that may very well appeal to the child who doesn't enjoy quiet reading, or reading alone for that matter.  The book contains a diverse collection of poems that can be found under different sections, such as Poems for Two Voices, Short Stuff, and Bilingual Poems.  All kids can find something that sparks their interest!

How to Heal a Broken Wing is a spectacular story that follows a little boy named Will on his journey to help heal a bird with a broken wing that he finds on a crowded sidewalk.  While others busily rash past, Will notices the injured bird and take him into his home, and heart.  This book captures the reader's attention with staightforward language, and detailed illustrations that convey the story with equal power.  This book is a moving example of how we can use literature to inspire kids to connect with both the natural world, and an greater sense of emphathy toward all living things.

While browsing some other blogs, I came across the book If Not For The Cat that I hope to read in the near future!  It's a collection of poems/riddles about all different kinds of animals.  This caught my eye because it's combines the poetic with the natural world, a concept that has popped up quite a bit over the past few days.  Looks like a very sweet read indeed!