Thursday, October 22, 2009

National gaming Day: Part II

Two girls (6-11) playing video gameHere are even more tips to help you celebrate National Gaming Day!

In addition to board games and gaming systems, there are other types of games that are a lot of fun for kids, while working on skills such as hand-eye coordination, pattern recognition, critical thinking skills, etc.  Some examples include:

When  pondering gaming, activities and games for older kids might be the first things that pop into mind. Check out this great resource that focuses on games for younger children.  The site includes information on the impact of games on younger audiences, as well as game recommendations.

Be sure to ask your patrons if they would be willing to bring in either their gaming system or their games.  We know these are very expensive, but most people who own them enjoy playing games with others, so this is the perfect opportunity to get these gamers in their libraries and make them feel like they are helping out the community by sharing their resources. Also, make sure that the gaming area is in a place where the kids will not bother other library patrons, or inform your patrons of what kind of programing is going on in the library on November 14th so they are properly prepared for noise!  Sometimes kids playing interactive games can get loud!

And remember that all libraries are welcome to borrow the ACLA Gaming Trunks! Check out the ACLA Gaming Wiki to see what types of trunks there are and how they can be reserved.