Wednesday, October 21, 2009

National Gaming Day: Part I

ALA's National Gaming Day is coming!  Saturday, November 14th libraries around the country will be celebrating with games galore!  To get gamers as well as those patrons who just love interactive games, here are some ideas to participate in National Gaming Day @ Your Library:

Board Games: When we think of gaming, we often only focus on multimedia games that are played on the various game consoles.  But Board Games started the whole notion of gaming, and are fun and innovative ways to get patrons to have fun in your libraries.  Not only are they relatively inexpensive and can be purchased by the library or donated by patrons or staff, they can include multiple players interacting with each other and having fun! Most families forget how much fun gathering around a board game can be, so encourage the children to share their experiences with their parents if the parents are not in attendance at Gaming Day. Be sure to look for games to purchase during the Christmas season, as that is when most games go on sale. Check out this online catalog of board games to get you started. 

Some great board games to have on hand for National Gaming Day:
  • Elementary age
    • Middle/High School: View an article from School Library Journal about how board games can be used as teaching tools.  Great message for the library to share with patrons, as well as their fellow school librarians who seek to collaborate with their teachers and get them coming into the library.
    Video Games:  They're big in kids' lives and that means they should be big at libraries!  It's a great way especially to get boys through your doors!  Video games are also perfect for intergenerational programs!  Don't know much about video games?  Don't worry - the teens/tweens/adults you invite will!  In fact, many will offer to bring their own systems in.  All you need to do is provide space and food!  If you'd like to know more, here's a great article about the different types of interactive system games available from School Library Journal.  Did you know you could borrow gaming trunks full of board games and wii (including Guitar Hero?)  Check it out here.

    Some popular multiplayer Video Games for Wii:
      Look for more tips in Part 2 of this post tomorrow!