Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Don't miss this year's Fall Festival of Children's Books. this Friday, October 9, 2009, at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum and Hazlett Theater
Book sale and light breakfast at the Hazlett at 8:00; lectures start at 9:00.
The program costs only $15, without lunch!!!
Featured speakers:
JONAH WINTER, local award-winning author
ERIC WRIGHT, author of Frankie Pickle as well as graphic novels
RACHEL GRIFFITHS, editor of the 39 Clues books, cards and web content

Afternoon workshops:
Writing with Pictures
Animator-turned-author Eric Wight discusses the unique journey that led him from Hollywood to children's publishing. He'll also describe his creative process, the benefits and challenges of being both a writer and illustrator, as well as the educational potential of visual storytelling, complete with live demonstrations of his craft.
Fight of the Century: The Editor vs. The Author
Rachel Griffiths, current defending champion of the Most Loved Editor title will be challenging Jonah Winter, current defending champion of the Most Passionate Author title to determine who, once and for all, the author or the editor, has most reason to complain endlessly about the other. You will see: double reverse whammies! You will see: passive aggressive behavior! You will see: eyebrow arching! You will see: pencils being slammed down on tables for dramatic effect!

Whew! Think you can stand the excitement?

Visit the Children's Museum website to pre-register.