Friday, October 16, 2009

Email a Dinosaur?

This morning, I read a great quote: email has had a good run as king of communications. But its reign is over. That's from an article called Why Email No Longer Rules from the Wall Street Journal.  Wow!  Lately, I've been creating tools and ways for the library staff in Allegheny County that will ultimately move us away from email, so I feel like I'm right on target.  Like creating a way to subscribe to the Youth Services Blog if you don't use RSS (something I think every librarian should be using!)  And using the wiki in a more participatory way.  It's kind of scary that something we all still see as 'technology' is fading.  I remember using the Pine system back in college to email; what a clunky, awful way to communicate!  But at the time, it was super cool to keep in touch with others that way.  But there are over 200 comments on that article, so people have a lot to say about the topic!

Some of the new tools that you've been hearing about (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, RSS) are what are replacing email.  But there are even more things coming down the pike that will alter our connection via the computer/handheld device like Google Wave, which we wrote about last summer here on the blog.  And now that I finally bought an iphone (woot!) I'm more interested in how people are using these handheld devices to stay in touch AND use the library.  eiNetwork just created their GoCat - the catalog for your iphone/blackberry.  Can't wait to use it!

Anyone feel yourself moving away from email?