Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Knew? The benefits of the Public Library

In a recent issue of The Planning Commissioners Journal: News and Information for Citizen Planners, the feature article "Libraries: At the Heart of Our Communities" resonates with us here in Pittsburgh at the ACLA. The article focuses on the benefits of libraries to various communities, such as the new library in downtown Hudson, Ohio, as well as the striking Seattle Public Library. Some benefits include:

  • increased traffic in downtown areas
  • increased community status
  • meeting places for any/all community groups
  • free access to internet services for job searches and school research
  • a place to relax and check out new books, CD's or DVD's free of charge
And guess what? All of these services are offered by the various member libraries of our own Allegheny County Library Association! We should feel proud that our libraries are so involved and necessary to our communities in Pittsburgh, especially where Youth Services are concerned. So get excited about your library services: they are in good hands!