Saturday, September 26, 2009

SRC Wrap-Up Meeting Highlights

Last week, we had our annual Summer Reading Wrap-Up meeting where a whopping 40-some of you showed up!  It was great seeing everyone and even better hearing everyone's SRC 2009 stories and suggestions for 2010. 

We are a diverse group of librarians serving all kinds of unique and quirky communities so coming up with ways to serve everyone and meet everyone's needs is always challenging.  But in our conversation, I think we may have discovered a method out of our madness. 

Basically, as Deb Conn put it, it's a kind of 'grocery cart' structure for support materials and monies for SRC.  Each library would get an amount of money and be able to choose how to spend it.  The only catch is that The Planning Team and I will need to select specific vendors and companies where you can shop so that we can setup accounts there and they can bill ACLA for your purchases.  We're going to include Highsmith/Upstart, the Scholastic Warehouse and Literacy Partners of course, but perhaps also Acorn Naturalists and others as we meet and discuss it all this fall.  In order for me to situate vendors and companies, in October, you'll be asked to decide what you'd like to spend your SRC share on (incentives, reading logs, programming.) 

In terms of programming, you'll be able to hire who you'd like (with another catch) as long as they're listed in the Performer Directory the interns and I are working on right now.  You can email Lindsey Myers or Rachel Nard (ACLA interns) to get your performer listed, no problem.  We'll need any performer's name and contact information by the first week of December for them to be included

More information to come!