Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reflection: Libraries at the Heart of our Communities

The article “Libraries at the Heart of our Communities” really solidifies the concept of today’s library, and its function in the community. The library really is a community meeting space, a place where all can gather to learn new things and explore information.
In the article, much emphasis was placed on the idea that the community library can be an asset to all areas. Whether it be a big city, small town, or somewhere in between, everyone can benefit from a strong public library.
The point that the library can stimulate the economy of a region was also a very interesting concept I had not previously thought of. This point is well-emphasized with the case of the Hudson Library in Ohio.
The idea of the library as the “anchor” for a community is critical to our understanding of today’s library. This concept is becoming increasingly prevalent, which is a truly wonderful thing. In the article, author Wayne Senville quotes Brattleboro, Vermont library’s director Jerry Carbone, in saying that the library provides the community with “neutral public space.” The library truly does function as a space for all community members.

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