Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meet Lindsey Myers: New ACLA Intern!!

Hello Library Friends and Family,

My name is Lindsey Myers, and I am one of the new interns for ACLA for 2009-2010. As a fun way to introduce myself, I created an Meet Me! video with the assistance of the other new intern, Rachel. We went to a beautiful little park in the West End by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: West End. To create the video, we used an HD Flip camcorder. These little gadgets are great to have on the go, and Rachel and I hope to use them throughout our time here at ACLA, recording various library events and exciting happenings!

I look forward to meeting and working with all of you in the coming months!

Meet Lindsey Myers - new ACLA intern from ACLA on Vimeo.


Ryan said...

Great job Lindsey! You will be perfect for this internship!

MB said...

Congratulations to you also Lindsey!
Mary Beth Parks
Branch Manager
Woods Run Library