Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Future of Reading: Why We Should Be Reading These Articles

The way teachers teach and push (or don't push!) reading affects our relationship with our patrons.  The teachers who do a great and amazing job at teaching and encouraging readers enhance our jobs by allowing us to focus more on finding connections between readers and the perfect book than selling reading as an viable option outside of school!  The teachers who do a lousy job however, make it tough on us as we now have to both make a case for reading AND find the perfect book for a child. 

The New York Times has been working on a great series this year of articles about where kids and reading really stand in 2009 and what the future holds.  Some great (and inspiring!) professional reading:
  • Part1: The Future of Reading: Online, R U Really Reading? addressed how much more reading is happening at the computer.  
  • Part 2:  The second article makes the case for gaming and its inherent relationship with reading: Video Games as Bait to Hook Readers.  
  • Part 3: In Web Age, Library Job Gets Update is perfect for librarians (school and public) and anyone getting into the profession.  Our jobs are now inherently about technology; whether we like it or understand it or not.  That's where we're at in this county and kids born in the 80s, into the birth of some of the technology we use now, are having children and bringing them into your library (or maybe they're not...)
  • Part 4: A New Assignment: Pick Books You Like shares how some schools are taking a fundamental part of reading education-- kids are better readers when there are choices (wow, what a thought! ) and inviting it finally into the classroom.