Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Clean-Up Inspiration

Adaena Tray, newly appointed Director at the Green Tree Public Library, embarked on a big cleaning/organization project that I found inspiring and thought you would too. Storage in library children's departments has a real tendency to get out of hand fast. Here's Adaena's story on getting it all under control:

I dread having to get into the craft closet at my library. It's a hot mess. Everything is more or less thrown into a cabinet all willy-nilly. It's like one of those silly slapstick comedies where all kinds of gluesticks and markers and foamies fall on your head when you open the door. I made a few laughable attempts to organize the closet, buying baskets and putting stuff in plastic bags. Despite my efforts, it looked like this:

Well, wouldn't you know last week I did a bit of online shopping at the Container Store, which is to storage what IKEA is to minimalist Swedish furniture. Any kind of receptacle you can imagine is available on their site.

The UPS person delivered seven or eight ginormous boxes of, um, boxes a few days ago and I began gettin' down to business. After several hours of sorting, separating and compartmentalizing, this is what I came up with:

Big improvement, eh?