Monday, September 21, 2009

Reconnect with the Schools You and Your Library Serve

Here's an idea that I used to implement a goal of mine. I wanted to send the teachers and staff at both of our area elementary schools a little reminder for the start of the school year about what the public library is here to do. So, I sent over a pencil and lollipop for each staff member with a cute note and ribbon that says, Look in Your Library. Just a little nudge to say, "Hello, I'm here for you. How can we work together?" The principals at each of the 2 schools received a mug and portfolio, also with note. A special thanks to ACLA for supporting this effort with pencils and other goodies!


Calliope said...

This is a great idea I'll be borrowing. Thanks Heather! Way to partner with the KO School District!