Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Picks from PC World's Top 100 Web Sites of 2009

PC World recently chose its top 100 web sites for 2009 and I'm happy to say I'm familiar and use many them! They're not all related to youth services, but many are useful as librarians and some, are just plain fun. Also, with reference collections moving online and I daresay moving toward 'free,' here are my highlights:
  • 1UP: Video Game Reviews, Cheat Codes and More! Teens and Tweens are going to either want to know about this or want you to suggest it (you get cool points if you suggest something cool they haven't yet heard about!)
  • Hulu: TV and movies online. For free! and Pandora: Music. For Free! For your personal and professional use!
  • Kayak: a gathering place for all the cool travel websites you've used. It's together here in one easy site.
  • Much like Kayak, Simply Hired collects thousands of job sites all in one place. Lots of job-hunters crowding the library computers these days - send them here!
  • Etsy: Handmade, super cool and anything you can think of. Thousands of artists together under 1 web site each with his/her own online storefront. I've bought tons there already (so has Emily Salsberry!)
  • Instructables: Build stuff out of everyday items. School age, tweens and teens will love it!
  • BookArmy: I know we have Novelist but there are some other great book suggestion resources out there that I much prefer. One of them is BookArmy. Great site for recommendations, author information, crazy fans and book lovers of all ages.
  • GizaPage: Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Flickr? Hard to keep everything straight. Enter GizaPage.
  • BrokenPictureTelephone: Need to lighten up your mood between reference questions? One of the best (and funniest!) online games I've played in years. Laughed so hard I had tears!
  • DestinationRX: Health Care on the brain? Librarians may be getting questions we can't answer. Get them on DestinationRX to clear up health care and prescription confusion.
  • Here's one for the children's librarians! Share What they Play with the parents in your library. It's a parents' review site of video games. Very handy with all the questionable games out there!


emilyspaint said...

Hey! My name is in a post! I am famous. Man, I LOVE etsy. My own shop is coming soon!