Monday, August 17, 2009

The Month of Excel

August for me is The Month of Excel. It's when all the statistics from your summer reading clubs come to me and I sort, organize, analyze, shape, shift, push, pull, drag, drop, copy, paste, and total it all into readable, understandable and big-picture graphs, charts and spreadsheets.


If any of you know me, you know numbers and I have a troubled relationship and so this month is one where I need regular and frequent breaks from the numbers. Last week, on my drive in, listening to NPR, author Lesley Bloom shared her summer reading list for kids with Linda Wortheimer. It was a unique list in that none of the books were published after 1983. This intrigued me, as summer reading lists for kids often focus on new, tasty and exciting books. Her picks really woke me up to some of the classic tasty and exciting books like Raold Dahl's The Witches (which I confess I hadn't heard of but it sounds like a wonderful witchy romp!) and The Boxcar Children which I thoroughly enjoyed as a 5th grader. She has created quite a lovely list, one that both parents and children will be delighted by.


Mary Morgan said...

A major advantage of recommending "old" books to kids is that they often have not heard of them. It also means that I am more likely to find a copy on the shelf (at least until kids start recommending them to each other).

emilyspaint said...

The Witches is one of my all time favs! You should read it Kelley. This blog is too good. I need to get back to my to do list. :(