Friday, August 28, 2009

Making Time

I know it's been an issue for years about finding time for the professional development part of our jobs. I struggled with that as a librarian in the trenches and I still struggle with it now even in administration. But in reading an article recently about an analyst and blogger, Jeremiah Owyang (don't worry, I had never heard of him either!) I wanted to share some of his wise words:

I started my blog as a practitioner at Hitachi. I budget time every morning to read and blog. I do that before I check my personal email or work email. I believe you have to pay yourself first. When you open your email you pay someone else, because it's usually people reaching out to ask you for something. Taking the time to read blogs, synthesize and add value, that builds your community. That's paying yourself first.
Some of you may think this is unrealistic, but I think it's in those 'paying yourself' moments that some of our best ideas and strategies are born. I know that when I attend conferences, meetings, even lunches with other librarians, and certainly when I read some great blogs I return to my list projects with renewed energy. That energy comes from:
  1. knowing that I'm not alone in my desire to see more and more people use the library;
  2. learning about creative uses of new and old tools;
  3. hearing a librarian speak passionately which reminds me of my own passion.
Hopefully this blog and others can provide that same energy for you! As always, leave comments let me know how much you love the blog or let me have it if you don't!