Friday, August 14, 2009

Make Your Message Heard

There are plenty of occasions when we are asked to step up and share our library's message - whether it be something about the library's mission, a recent program or everyone's favorite, the budget! And when that time happens (many times, it's unplanned) you need to be ready. Marilyn here at ACLA shared a great blog post with some spot-on tips and tricks on 'selling your message.' My favorite tip is 'be interesting!' I've heard some librarians attempt to get attention and money and they haven't sold me (a library-lover!) on anything because they were so boring! Spice it up with an anecdote (I'm sure you have plenty of great moments to share) or some pictures (if you're giving a presentation.) Always feel free to get onto ACLA's Flickr page and use some of the shots we've collected over the past 3 years of your libraries and patrons.