Friday, August 7, 2009

Before and After: Shaler North Hills Library

This morning, I hopped over (well, does anyone really 'hop' on RT 28?) to Shaler North Hills Library to check in with Miss Ing and take a look at their recent renovations. SNHL does not disappoint. I arrived to a totally full parking lot (luckily, I caught someone pulling out after circling the lot twice!) and was greeted by sweet and friendly green things:

They even have an herb garden! I wonder if there's a cooking class!

The new adult reference and computer space knocked my socks off. A beautiful new floor and the space has been totally opened up. Here is the space before:

And here it is after! It warms my inner interior-designer heart!

Amazing, right? They really spruced the place up. And upstairs in the children's department, even more changes! This room with all its beautiful windows and light was pretty tightly packed with book shelves. Here is the non-fiction room before:

And here is the room after:

It's pretty dramatic. No more bookshelves in the middle of the room - now it's a place where families can come and get busy with trucks, puppets, buckets and books, of course! A family-friendly Ikea couch, some computers for adults, some for kids, and plenty of room for kids to spread out and make themselves comfortable! Notice the empty shelves too - apparently, their collection is flying off the shelves this summer. Hooray for SNHL!

Also, in a time of great financial uncertainty, the community of Shaler has stepped up to the plate to show their support for their beloved library. A pretty rockin' amount of Penguins' paraphernalia (including game tickets!) was brought in for an auction and parents and patrons have been bombarding local legislature with stories and opinions about the library and its funding issues. Rock ON!


Lesle said...

Isn't it fantastic! We are so very proud of our new look, and it also functions so very well. We are even more proud of "our Ing." She (and her crew) have done a phenomenal job this summer. But then we have had her in this library (one way or other) since she was a highschool page. Hang on, she has a multitude of ideas ... we love it, and her!