Friday, July 24, 2009

The Smell of Freshly Sharpened Pencils

I always loved that line from You've Got Mail when Tom Hanks' character confesses that he "loves the small of freshly sharpened pencils." The sentiment endeared him to Kathleen Kelly (played by the then super sweet Meg Ryan) and to me. And the ensuing fall ia making me long to shop for school supplies (and clothes!) New notebooks have a power over me! Though I am (daily) grateful that I am no longer in school, online classes do tempt me to crack open a textbook now and then.

When I first began my job here at ACLA, coming from teen services, I took a great online course as the University of Wisconsin called What's New in Children's Books? And it rocked. It's only $95 and there are no papers or exams (that's the best part!) I got into some great discussions and insight into current trends in youth literature. If you're new to the profession, or even want to re-ignite that passion for freshly sharpened pencils (or a shiny new laptop!) then this class is for you!