Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy

Just discovered a new blog, Toy a Day where the fantastic Joe is creating a folded paper toy a day for a year. They won't all be of interest to little ones (the Kiss and Michael Jackson toys are uber cool!) but there are plenty they'll enjoy here. It's way cool because he includes a PDF of instructions with every creation.

Some examples:

Carl from Up

and Ya'll know this guy


Jessica Hoptay said...

I, for one, am totally excited to see the "Where the Wild Things Are" movie! I had read somewhere that an initial screening of the film left kids terrified and crying, so they tried to re-work it so that the scare-factor was a bit lower. This little paper guy is too cute! :)

Jessica Hoptay said...

I'm a fan of ew.com (magazine Entertainment Weekly's site) and they just had this on their blog today--thought you wild things might enjoy it (it's a bit about Sendak's take on the film!). http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2009/07/sendak-jonze-where-wild-things-interview.html