Friday, June 12, 2009

Walk, Chalk & Talk Program

Hello to everyone in library land...most likely you're knee deep in the summer reading frenzy and programming, and I hope all is going well for every one of you who serve your community's children so well!

Kelley asked if I could post a little something about a program we're currently doing at Brentwood this summer called "Walk, Chalk & Talk." In a nutshell, it is a walking program for caregivers and their children, followed by playtime at a near-by park with bubbles, chalk and a playground while moms/grandmas have a chance to talk. The idea came to me over the winter during one of our baby storytimes when the moms were talking about looking forward to nice weather and walking more. The people who attend this storytime have become very close as a group and do things outside of the library together socially and love to talk to each other! So I thought why not take advantage of the fact that Brentwood is a walking community and that there is a park right near our library! Our first walk was held this past Wednesday...we certainly got a lot of stares as a caravan of strollers went down Brownsville Road! Everyone had a great time and playtime at the park was awesome. No one had to worry whether their child would sit that day or not, and it was very cool to see them together for a different kind of program. You may already be doing this at your library! If you are a walking community or have a walking trail or place to walk where everyone can meet, it's a great program and a wonderful chance to enjoy the summer weather!

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer filled with kids, laughter and fun!