Sunday, June 28, 2009

m-Library Services

There's a very interesting article over on Library Journal about information services for mobile phones. It seems like people are buzzing about the potential for such services, and other than a few isolated reports of libraries developing their own iPhone apps, not too much has been done in actually implementing them. The article discusses a study from Cambridge, looking at the behaviors of mobile phone users in the library and offering recommendations for mobile-friendly practices.

Some of their recommendations may be a bit of a stretch for us (ebook applications for phones, a phone-friendly OPAC), but there a couple of suggestions that are within reach for most libraries, such as making your website configurable for small screens. One thing everyone can do? Be understanding with patrons using their smartphones in your library, so long as they aren't being disruptive.


Beth@ACLA said...

And what would that do to the libraries with "no cell phone" rules!!

Hope you're enjoying ALA