Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ACLA Joins up with the Wiggles!

Two great things finally brought together at last! This ad will be appearing soon on the CW/KDKA.

The Wiggles and ACLA from ACLA on Vimeo.


baking librarian said...

I think a wiggles prize pack would be great. The (winning) kids will really enjoy it!

Ian CLP-Hill District

Jessica Hoptay said...

Yay for a Wiggles prize pack! For the rest of the day, I'll have the Wiggles song stuck in my head.

Jess Hoptay--Brentwood Library

P.S. I do read your blog regularly, Kelley! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Fruit salad, yummy, yummy!
Wiggles songs stuck in my head all day! A Wiggles prize pack would be awesome!

Elizabeth - Mt. Lebanon

gleone said...

Hot potato...this is great!
-Gina Leone/Baldwin

Heather Ann- Castle Shannon said...

What a great incentive for children!I love the wiggles!!

Heather Anderson, Castle Shannon Library

Bells/Bellla said...

This is a great prize! We don't do enough for the read-to-me crowd during the summer!


Springdale Library said...

I agree - Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy. My computers are back up! Hooray - must be due to the Wiggles!

elaine said...

Miss Erin and I were just singing Henry the Octopus last night!! We did the dance too! :) Wiggles concerts ROCK! I think this is a great idea!!
Elaine--Bethel Park Library

Andrea McNeill said...

The Wiggles give me giggles! One of my patrons will be surprised!
C.C. Mellor Memorial Library

Erin the Librarian said...

What an awesome prize! This means storytime in August will be full of Wiggles songs.

P.S. I love how you have to bribe us. It's like putting out free pizza at a teen program.

Sherry said...

Can I wiggle while I waggle?
Sherry Small
Scott Library

that library lady said...

Our kids would love to have a great prize like the Wiggles pack!

mary planiczki said...

South Park thinks a Wiggles concert is great! Thanks to everyone for this great prize!

Mary Planiczki
South Park Township Library

Wilkinsburg Library said...

What fun the kids will just love Wiggle time and it just fits our SRC theme!

Lisa Barnes
Wilkinsburg Library

MB said...

I think it is great that KDKA and the Wiggles are collaborating with ACLA! The winners will truly enjoy the prize pack!

BarbLawler said...

The wiggles are my favorite kiddie group. I hope I get a prize pack for my library!
Mt. Washington

Jane said...

Wow! The little ones (and their parents) will love a chance to win some free Wiggles concert tickets. Send us that Wiggles prize pack!

Jane Miller--Moon Twp. Public Library

Tina said...

If for any reason, the previous librarians default, think of me.

Tina Zbuak - Beechview

Kathy said...

Who can say "no" to the Wiggles?!?!
I hope I'm not too late with my post.
Thanks Kelley!
Kathy Maron-wood
CLP--Main, Children's Dept

Sharon said...

Sounds like fun!

Sharon - Northern Tier

Liz Kostandinu - Plum said...

Of course I pick the weekend that the Wiggles prize comes out to be off :( Even though we're out of the running, we still love the Wiggles (and you, too, Kelley!)

Thanks for finding something extra for the little ones!!

Fathers Day Gift Baskets said...

This is a great combination. It's actually encouraged me to go out and get the wiggles tickets for an upcoming show. I don't often do that but I will because of this.