Tuesday, May 26, 2009

School in the Summertime

So it's just about time to kickoff Summer Reading and I know y'all are busy (I hardly get any emails any more!) but take a minute and consider a few online courses ALSC is offering this summer. Oh I know, summer's way too busy for luxuries like online classes, but they all begin late July - as SRC is winding down and there are some great ones, take a look:

The Newbery Medal: Past, Present and Future - (6 weeks, July 20 - August 28, 2009)
This 6-week online course will give participants a solid grounding in the history of the Medal and how it’s changed over time; an opportunity to read, discuss and consider past and present Newbery winners with their colleagues from across the nation; a chance to talk to former Newbery Committee members and a Newbery author, and suggestions for programming using Newbery-winning books. Instructor: Kathleen T. Horning, Director, Cooperative Children's Book Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Reading Instruction and Children’s Books - (4 weeks, July 20- August 14, 2009)
This course will provide children’s librarians with an understanding of different methodologies for reading instruction, including sight words, phonics, literate environment and pre- and post-reading activities. The course will then explore some of the ways that the grade-level of reading materials are determined, including Lexile Levels, Flesch-Kincaid Index and SMOG Readability Formula. These procedures will be applied to evaluate books, periodicals, websites and other material that children need to read. Finally, librarians will be encouraged to develop strategies for explaining these grading formulae to parents and to communicate more effectively with teachers as a result of their understanding. Instructor: Katherine (Kate) Todd, Adjunct Instructor, Manhattanville (NY) College

Sharing Poetry with Children - (4 weeks, July 20 - August 14, 2009)
So many of us feel inadequate when it comes to choosing and sharing poetry with young people. We were turned off or intimidated in years gone by. We're uncertain about what kinds of poems work best with kids. No more! Take a look at the major poets, poetry books, and anthologies of poetry for children (ages 5-12) being published today. In this class, participants will focus on reading and reviewing the latest poetry for kids, learning about poetry awards, exploring poetry on the Web, and trying interactive and participatory approaches for sharing poetry with children. Instructor: Sylvia M. Vardell, Professor, Texas Woman's University