Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pancakes in the Library

I made a new friend! (no not pancakes, we're already BFFs!) On another site I occasionally jump onto (Ning) I heard of a blog about boys and reading: Getting Boys to Read. And in the very first post I read, I grinned, gasped, inwardly squealed and immediately set to writing about this on my own blog! Mike McQueen (one of the blog's resident bloggers) wrote a pretty slam-tastic post about eating in the library, specifically, pancakes. I know, I know...(I can hear the groans from here!) but it's true that kids (teens and li'l ones) love to eat (well, so do adults, for that matter!) And pairing eating with the library can lead to nothing but goodness and full tummies (unless administration grimaces!)

The post offers some great advice on how to host a pancake-fest at the library and I can see it now! Syrupy smells wafting up from the South Hills, the West, the North Hills and the East all gathering in a cloud of pancakey-goodness above our lovely county!

Even better:
  • pancakes in the library = free
  • the kind of PR it could provide for your library = priceless
I highly recommend giving it a try!